Bespoke kitchen island ideas for homes in Surrey and Sussex

Bespoke-kitchen-islandA bespoke kitchen island is a fantastic way to increase workspace and storage with style. When skilfully designed and constructed, an island can be a beautiful, multi-functional focal point adding a valuable element of sociability to a kitchen. In a large open plan room, a kitchen island can also help to divide up the space, creating a boundary between the work zone and the dining area.

A kitchen island in any size or shape

There are many options for islands from long and slim to a large unit housing a sink and appliances too. Most islands are square or rectangular, but there’s no rule to say this has to be the case. If your kitchen is large, you could consider an L-shaped island, or even a curved or circular one. Curves soften the look of a kitchen, promote flow and are safer than sharp corners.

A kitchen island adds extra style

bespoke-luxury-kitchen-cabinetsA kitchen island gives you the opportunity to introduce another finish to your kitchen, and add texture and contrast to the space. You could go bolder with colour or have it built using more luxurious materials that wouldn’t be an option for all your kitchen cabinetry.

A kitchen island with seating

Kitchen islands make great informal dining spaces – for a snack or coffee – and can be a nice spot to work on your laptop for a few hours, which is why most kitchen islands incorporate some form of seating, such as bar stools. You’ll need to consider how the seats will fit into the space when they aren’t in use, perhaps by extending the countertop to tuck the seats out of the way. Another option is to have a long island with an integrated lower level dining table.

A kitchen island with smart storage

Bespke-made-to-measure-kitchenWhen planned well, a kitchen island can incorporate a variety of useful storage solutions for cookware and tableware. Double-sided storage is a good idea, with a mix of cupboards and drawers. These can have fully customised interiors to create a place for everything from sieves to spices. You could also consider adding open shelving to display characterful kitchen essentials or favourite cookbooks.

A kitchen island with a hob or sink

Having a hob or sink on your island is super sociable as you can face your family or guests while cooking or rinsing items. Other built-in appliances could include a microwave or wine cooler. Remember that you will need to accommodate any required plumbing and electrical work though. Also think about adding power points so you can plug in a blender without wires trailing across the kitchen.

kitchen-island-room-dividerA kitchen island with bespoke lighting

Lighting is an important part of kitchen island design. Pendant lighting provides a good overhead light. If you choose pendants it’s worth noting that odd numbers are more visually appealing than even numbers. Adding a dimmer switch will change the mood of the area from practical and bright for working to a softer, more ambient mood for eating or entertaining.

Let us create a bespoke kitchen island for your home

When the island is a centrepiece of the kitchen every element needs to be carefully considered. A bespoke Claude Clemaron kitchen island will be uniquely designed and custom-built to your exact instructions. Why not give us a call on 01483 201080 today to discuss your ideas?

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