The appeal of Art Deco style furniture with a modern twist

Art Deco style furnitureThe iconic Art Deco design style is admired by interior designers and homeowners who prize its sophistication and craftsmanship in creating an opulent urban setting.

In the 1930s the Art Deco style furniture became a synonym for luxury, refinement and functionalism, which still holds true today.

The characteristics and allure of Art Deco furniture

art deco furnitureThe main characteristic of Art Deco furniture is a decorative style defined by symmetry and precise, geometric patterns and graceful contours. Exquisite ornamentation includes designs such as sunrays, steps and stars, zigzags. Other distinguishing features are the rounded drops at the edges of horizontal surfaces, and marquetry which forms intricate shapes out of different kinds of wood

Art Deco furniture is meticulously handcrafted into refined forms using rich, exotic woods, such as rosewood. Lacquer and glazed finishes give the pieces a smooth protective sheen.

So, why are residential owners increasingly commissioning furniture makers like us to create bespoke Art Deco style cabinets today?

The Art Deco style has an enduring appeal as it has an unrivalled ability to complement furnishings from other eras. It has a versatility that works well with both traditional and contemporary pieces and is easy to mix and match with other styles.

Art Deco also epitomises sophistication and flair, and any beautifully crafted piece will add panache to a room. Its elegant aesthetic transcends trends and resonates with people who appreciate a blend of nostalgia and modernity.

Art Deco bookcaseArt Deco combines craftsmanship and artistry

Today, we create bespoke Art Deco cabinets with a modern interpretation that features striking wood grains, sleek contours, luxurious materials, and innovative storage features.

If you would love fitted or freestanding bespoke Art Deco cabinets for your home, please get in touch with us today.

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