Create the perfect home office with bespoke fitted furniture

Bespoke fully fitted home office

Transform any space in your home into the perfect home office or study with bespoke fitted furniture. No matter the challenges presented by beams, angles, or uneven walls, clever design and expert joinery can turn any room into a perfect office.

Build a home office that’s uniquely yours

Bespoke home office furniture allows you to customise every aspect of the design, from storage solutions to the size and style of your desk. Claude Clémaron specialises in creating a home office interior that is tailored to your specific needs and comfort.

Aviation-style-home-officeOrganise everything beautifully

Organisation is key in a home office. Whether you prefer concealed cabinetry or a studio-style setup with everything displayed and readily accessible, bespoke storage options ensure that everything is in its right place.

Have the perfect desk designed

From freestanding desks in the centre of the room with fitted shelves and cabinetry to corner desks or fully integrated designs combining shelving, cupboards, and desks in one unit, you have the flexibility to choose what works best for you.

sleek-dark-modern-officeTechnology concealed

While technology is a ‘must have’, it can disrupt your smooth flow of your workspace. But, with bespoke fitted home office furniture, you can discreetly incorporate screens, plug sockets, and cables into the fitted furniture itself. From pop-up power points to wireless charging drawers, everything can be neatly hidden away.

Design your lighting for the perfect ambiance

Customised ambient lighting, complemented by a stylish task lamp, adds to the luxurious feel of your home office. Consider shelving with integrated lighting to brighten up any darker areas of your office space.

Bespoke-fitted-furnitureMake your perfect home office personal and comfortable

Your home office should be a space that brings you joy and inspiration. Fill it with art, photographs, and books that lift your working environment and spirit, enabling you to be your most productive self whilst still feeling comfortable and at home.

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