Bespoke fitted furniture for a home library

Bespoke fitted furniture for a home library

Even in this digital age, a bespoke home library remains an admired asset for many homes in Surrey, Sussex, and London.

An increasing number of book-loving homeowners are converting spare rooms into libraries or transforming unused nooks into cosy reading corners.

A library is once again at the top of many affluent homeowners’ wish lists. A home library allows you to showcase your interests and your style. Most importantly, it provides you with a serene, distraction-free retreat.

What is a home library?

A home library stores and displays your collection of books in one well-organised, designated area. It should be a welcome retreat for reading, relaxation, and reflection. In our busy lives, there’s something soothing about being able to escape to a calm, quiet space with a comfortable chair and a good book. It can be a place to indulge your hobbies or interests, a reference area for studying, or it can even be used as a family games room.

bespoke-classic-fitted-libraBespoke fitted bookcases and shelving

Commissioning a bespoke fitted home library means it will be built to meet your exact requirements. Designed to last a lifetime, made to measure bookcases will maximise the internal space of the room and create an impressive and indulgent interior. Bespoke bookcases make ingenious use of every inch of space, however awkward.

Benefits of a home library for families

Having a library in your family home has many benefits. It will hopefully instil your child with a lifelong love for reading and learning. Having a quiet sanctuary will allow young minds to explore, imagine, learn, and think, especially if you include other learning materials such as a globe or charts.

An ideal home library would be in a separate room with a door you can close to keep out noise and distractions. However, a home library doesn’t need to be a dedicated room, it could be on a landing or installed in an alcove, or in a room that can double up as an occasional dining room or guest bedroom. It simply needs to be a quiet, well-lit spot.

Private-bespoke-libraryComfortable seating close to the bookcases is vital. If you don’t have space for a sofa or comfortable armchairs, consider a built-in bench.

Warm woods such as oak or painted furniture in a colour like a green grey or smoky blue will create a lovely, cocooned feel.

Bespoke bookcases for your collection

The perfect bookcases will be tailored to suit your collection, with enough shelves and shelving of the right depth. Typically, larger, deeper books go on lower shelves, smaller ones above. Built-in, made to measure, floor-to-ceiling shelving will maximise the available space. Don’t overlook the space above a doorway either.

Lighting your home library

Bespoke-bookcaseGood lighting is important in a library. Even if your library gets plenty of natural light, you should have supplementary lighting for evening study or reading. Also, illuminating your shelving will make it easier to find what you’re looking for; and with dimmable options, you can create the atmosphere you want in your reading room.

A library isn’t just for books, it can house your vinyl or model collection or provide space for art and writing projects. It could be a multi-purpose space too, doubling as a home office or guest bedroom.

Experts in handcrafting home libraries

A Claude Clémaron home library will be handcrafted and exquisitely customised for you. With bespoke fitted bookcases and furniture, your space can be as personalised as you like with panelling and detailing. We use only the finest quality materials from solid oak to rich walnut to ensure your made to measure furniture looks beautiful and lasts for generations. Add in comfy seating, ambient lighting and favourite artworks and you will have stylish and thrilling sanctuary in your home.

bespoke-home-office-and-libraryWhether a grand gothic library or a stylish library on a landing, Claude Clémaron can design and build bespoke fitted bookcases and other furniture to suit your home and style in Sussex, Surrey or London. Our custom-made bookcase and shelving cabinets are handcrafted in Horsham, Sussex, by some of the country’s finest cabinetmakers. So, if you are planning to invest in a bespoke fitted library, please call us 01483 201080  or email us and we will be delighted to discuss your ideas.