The rising popularity of bespoke fitted cinema and media rooms

In the arena of home improvements, there are few things that dazzle and attract as much as bespoke fitted cinema and media rooms. A perfect blend of luxury and leisure, they add a unique feel to your living space, setting them aside as genuine points of interest rather than just a functional experience.

Bespoke fitted cinema and media rooms are specifically designed and tailored spaces for home entertainment. They are made-to-measure to a customer’s specific requirements and can include various elements such as:

• Custom-built-in furniture which can include a variety of storage units for ornaments, books and even integrated into wardrobe cabinetry.
• Innovative design solutions – using floating TV wall units or bespoke media and TV cabinetry to maximise space.
• Advanced technology – incorporating modern audio-visual equipment with cables and other distractions concealed.

bespoke fitted cinema and media roomThe rise in demand of the custom-built multimedia unit

The increase in demand of the custom-built multimedia unit can be credited to the desire for personalised interior design that fits individual needs and tastes, while also keeping up with advancements in home entertainment technologies. People are willing to invest more in home improvements that contribute to their leisure and comfort.

Bespoke fitted cinema and media rooms are custom-built spaces that illustrate a personal style while ensuring optimal functionality. So what are the most important factors that sets Claude Clémaron bespoke fitted cinema and media furniture apart from its competition?

All our bespoke fitted furniture is:

– Tailored to the client’s specific needs and desires.
– Unique, bespoke cabinetry that differs from off the shelf conventional units.
– Incorporates high-quality materials and craftsmanship.
– Offers the opportunity for a client to be part of the design process.

What makes cinema and media rooms special?

Cinema and media rooms stand out in a home for several reasons:

– Incorporates state-of-the-art technology for a top-notch entertainment experience.
– Offers a dedicated place for relaxation and entertainment.
– Personalised furniture, such as bespoke fitted media and TV units, enhances the aesthetic appeal and functionality of a room.
– Provides unmatched comfort, making it the best place for family movie nights or binge-watching favourite TV shows.

These rooms give your home a unique stylish feel while presenting an enhanced cinematic experience right in your home.

bespoke fitted cinema and media roomWhy are bespoke fitted cinema and media rooms so popular?

Bespoke fitted cinema and media rooms are a complete blend of personalised aesthetics, state-of-the-art technology, and unbeatable convenience. And there are two main reasons that are of particular importance: 

A fusion of comfort and technology

The major appeal of bespoke fitted cinema and media rooms is the seamless integration of comfort and technology. These made-to-measure home cinemas allow homeowners to indulge in movie marathons or watch their favourite series in a space that provide ultimate luxury and comfort around seating, lighting, design, and technology. Imagine a plush, projection-friendly environment equipped with surround sound and atmospheric lighting all tailored to your exact specifications. 

An elevated home entertainment experience

Bespoke cinema and media rooms offer an elevated entertainment experience. They turn ordinary TV rooms into luxurious spaces that are both elegant and functional. Moreover, these media and TV units are not merely about viewing pleasure but are also designed to integrate discreetly into the overall decorative scheme of the house, resulting in improving the look and feel of your home.

Enhancing the interior design of your home

Chic, functional, and versatile, Clémaron tailored fitted multimedia furniture is meticulously designed to blend seamlessly with your existing interior decor. From a modern minimalistic wall to wall TV cabinet to something more vintage or eclectic, our bespoke cinema and media units can be incorporated into any style of room and to your personal taste.

Impact on home improvement trends

With many clients opting for improving their existing home, it’s not just about beautifying a space but also about accentuating the home experience. With the rise of the stay-at-home culture, bespoke fitted cinema and media rooms have met the demand for comfort, luxury, and a top-notch entertainment environment transforming our living spaces into personalised entertainment havens.

Bespoke media roomThe benefits of investing in made to measure fitted cinema and media furniture

Here are the two main benefits of investing in these luxurious spaces:

1. Boosting the value of your home

One of the top reasons homeowners opt for a bespoke fitted multimedia room is the potential increase in value of their home. With the increasing demand for smart homes equipped with advanced technology, having a uniquely designed room tailored for relaxation and entertainment can significantly improve the appeal of your property. This added elegance combined with functionality not only sets your home apart but also boosts its market value.

2. Personal satisfaction and enjoyment

A well designed bespoke fitted cinema or media room provides the perfect space for family and friends to come together and enjoy quality time. The joy of watching your favourite films or shows in the comfort and convenience of your own home is a luxury that is hard to beat.

Cost versus value

When it comes to home improvements our decisions should be made by the anticipated increase in value of a property compared to the cost.


Apart from improving the overall aesthetics of your home, these rooms add a unique selling point, should you ever decide to sell your home. They provide:
– A unique space to unwind and enjoy your favourite movies or TV shows,
– A place to entertain your friends and family,
– They can be tailored to your specific tastes with the aid of a bespoke design service.

Cost – evaluating the return on investment

Investing in a high quality bespoke fitted cinema or media room may seem an expensive luxury. However, considering the benefits mentioned above, your return on investment could be considerable, making it a worthwhile choice for savvy homeowners.

made to measure fitted cinema roomThings to consider before installing bespoke fitted cinema and media rooms

There are some practical things to consider before deciding on the design and style of your bespoke fitted multimedia room.


It’s important to assess the size of the room and how best it can optimise for a made-to-measure home cinema experience. What’s the ideal seating and viewing arrangement? Which corner is best for the audio setup?


This involves evaluating the existing room layout and brainstorming on bespoke fitted furniture design. Are you seeking a floating TV wall unit or a custom-made bookshelf for your movie collection?


Research and understand what technical features you already have or might need – be it stellar sound systems, smart screens or atmospheric LED lighting.

Using a professional bespoke fitted cabinetmaker

Claude Clémaron provides a bespoke design service to ensure your vision comes to life. Claude will personally supervise its creation at every stage, from the drawing board to the design and installation, so you can be sure of a bespoke interior of the highest quality. We will visit you to discuss your requirements and ideas and consider all the practicalities of your project. You’ll be encouraged to share any sketches or images you have, so we can discover your likes and dislikes. We can also suggest materials, layout and other design aspects you may not have considered. You will be a part of the creation of your project from start to finish.

Some examples of our stunning bespoke fitted cinema and media units

To get a real feel for the appeal of bespoke fitted cinema and media units take a look at some examples of what our talented designers can achieve.

Contemporary wall to wall TV and media unit


This bespoke contemporary wall to wall TV and media unit was designed and built for our client’s home in Guildford, Surrey. The streamlined fitted entertainment furniture features a walnut wall panel with extensive made to measure storage in a minimalist style. All the client’s TV and media technology is integrated discreetly into the design. With barely-there floating cabinets, illuminated display shelving and concealed cabling, the effect is simply stunning.

Bespoke contemporary bedroom media unit and integrated wardrobes

bespoke fitted cinema and media rooms

This bespoke contemporary bedroom media unit with integrated wardrobes was custom built for a luxury London property in Victoria. While mainly used for relaxing and television viewing, the room is also designed for use as a spare bedroom. A dual-purpose or multi-functional space needs careful design and planning. Here, the fitted wardrobes for overnight guests have been cleverly disguised with a well-measured design composition and minimalist lines. The made to measure slim, low level floating TV cabinet in light oak houses all the audio-visual equipment, with cables and other distractions concealed. The light oak wood adds warmth and blends with the timber tones of the floor creating a calm and cohesive scheme. Hand crafted built-in bookshelves have been beautifully lit to add ambience and practicality.

Future trends of bespoke multimedia rooms

The growing demand for bespoke fitted multi media rooms is unsurprising considering their versatile nature and the modern desire for enhanced home entertainment experiences.

The emergence and success of these luxury spaces are due to a number of factors:
• A need for a personalised, comfortable entertainment area at home.
• Increased access to bespoke design service, responsible for transforming ordinary rooms into multimedia havens.
• A shift to a more bespoke, made-to-measure approach in interior design with a focus on longevity and sustainability.
• The ability to incorporate high-end tech capabilities, like sleek floating TV wall units, into the décor.

Advances in technology will have a significant impact on bespoke cinema and media rooms. With more interconnected, intelligent systems enhancing our experiences, from voice-controlled surroundings to bespoke fitted furniture that adapts for the perfect viewing experience, Clémaron will always look to more creative ways to approach, design and build breathtaking bespoke fitted cinema and media units.

If you would like to find out more about our bespoke cinema and media units then please contact us to discuss your project today.