Why choose Claude Clémaron Bespoke Wood Interiors?

A lifelong passion for craft, design and sustainability

We are keeping the tradition of furniture-making alive here in Sussex by creating beautiful, original, ethical pieces that will be cherished for generations.

Totally bespoke

Every Claude Clémaron door, drawer and decorative detail is original and built from scratch. We don’t follow set styles or use stock templates. Each bespoke furniture project is unique and equally exciting to create, and we will ensure it is exactly how you want it.


In today’s throwaway society, we’re proud to be handcrafting furniture that will last for hundreds of years, not just a handful. Our wood is ethically sourced and we also use reclaimed timbers when possible. We recycle our waste wood to heat our workshops, and wood shavings provide bedding for local stables. Hiring a local maker like us in South East England will reduce your furniture’s carbon footprint too.

Unique finishes

We can create the look you want with our own bespoke finishes using natural oils, stains and waxes. Treating the timber with a natural oil preserves and protects the wood and can be applied in many different tones. Stains and waxes are wonderful for giving a rustic distressed look a semi-sheen finish. And we can also hand or spray paint your bespoke furniture in any shade you desire.

Best of old and new

We combine tradition and innovation. While being rooted in the skills of age-old craftmanship, we’re always open to new ideas and technology that means we can meet the latest demands and styles for made to measure fitted furniture.

locally made

Locally made

We custom make each furniture commission to order in our own workshops in Horsham, West Sussex. This allows us to streamline our production process and achieve shorter lead times than average.

Real value

High-end bespoke fitted furniture handcrafted from the finest hardwood comes at a higher cost of course. But the real value is in how much it enhances your life and your property. Custom made furniture is a completely different experience to mass produced furniture. It’s a unique collaboration between cabinetmaker and client that results in something very special and an investment for generations to come.

Honest and open

As a family firm we’re very welcoming and encourage visits to our workshops in Horsham, West Sussex. We love you to be fully involved in your project. So, you’ll be able to get to know your cabinet maker and see how your furniture is made, as well as request any last minute adjustments.

Standing the test of time

While some furniture makers come and go, we’ve been established for almost four decades. From Claude’s one-man-band making custom pieces in a humble barn we’ve grown into a company of trusted craftspeople who can transform entire private and public interiors. From the old masters who’ve been with us for years to the talented young apprentices we train, all of our cabinetmakers put their heart and soul into the furniture they make.

If you value hand crafted, ethical, original furniture over the poorly made and mass-produced, the choice is easy. Buy better and come to Claude Clémaron.