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Bespoke Kitchen Styles

Choose the perfect bespoke kitchen style for your home

One of the first steps when planning a new bespoke fitted kitchen is to decide on its style. As a new handmade kitchen is a significant investment it will be important to have a kitchen design that suits you and your home and will stand the test of time.

We’ve put together the five main types of bespoke kitchen styles we have created for our clients over the years to inspire you. However, as every made to measure kitchen we build is entirely bespoke, you will have limitless design options to choose from. So please do contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

Contemporary kitchen style

contemporary kitchen style

The best contemporary kitchen designs have a sophisticated, streamlined look. A contemporary style boast strong, clean lines, and beautiful tailoring to keep clutter to a minimum. For contemporary chic they include plenty of smart hidden made to measure storage solutions, integrated appliances, frameless bespoke cabinetry, and little ornamentation, with simple hardware or handle free doors. The use of premium materials such as luxury hardwood and a monochrome colour scheme are key features of an ultra-modern style. High-gloss doors and gloss-finish cabinets are also popular, especially in a smaller kitchen, as the reflective surface lightens and enhances the space.

Traditional kitchen style

A traditional style kitchen has a classic, timeless quality. The key elements of a luxury custom made traditional kitchen are handcrafted real wood furniture in solid oak, symmetry, and natural work surfaces in oak or granite. Cabinets often have a shaker design and are usually painted in a light colour, such as white, cream or pale grey. Although nowadays a darker heritage shade or period colour is in vogue and has a more sophisticated and dramatic look. A matt surface is a preferred choice for a country style or traditional style kitchen. Gloss can look too shiny and modern. Door furniture should have a traditional style too, perhaps in a hammered metal or natural wood. This type of kitchen will also usually feature a large island or table with plenty of room for socialising.

Farmhouse kitchen style

Farmhouse kitchen style

A typical farmhouse style kitchen combines functionality with a comfortable, lived-in appeal. In a traditional style you will often see open custom made shelving displaying crockery and herbs, wide sinks and a big welcoming kitchen island or a kitchen table. Often rustic, a farmhouse kitchen features lots of wood, from exposed beams and hardwood floors to traditionally constructed furniture and butcher’s block-style countertops. The colour scheme is often pastel, such as pale grey, soft blue, or light sage green. A dresser is a key feature of the bespoke farmhouse kitchen. Here the dresser design has been given a modern upgrade with long bar-type handles.

Country kitchen style

Country kitchen style

The country house kitchen ideal is a long-established and popular style, that’s relaxed and inviting. It’s all about character, so think of plenty of wood and a warmer colour palette. Bespoke country style kitchen cabinets are often hand painted in cream and have a solid wood front frame and traditional cock-bead surrounding the doors and drawers. Solid wood worktops are also a feature. Here they are handcrafted in sustainable oak. The beautiful grain adds that all important character to the country kitchen. Natural wood waxes and stains from sustainable sources are ideal for achieving a rustic distressed appearance with a semi-sheen finish. In a country style kitchen, you’ll also often see open shelving displaying recipe books, a range oven and flagstones or wooden flooring as part of the design.

Minimalist kitchen style


Less is more in a minimalist kitchen. The best minimalist bespoke kitchens derive their calm, cohesive style from sleek, architectural lines, impeccable engineering, and premium materials. Think bare expanses of polished countertops and customised frameless cabinets with unadorned doors and no unnecessary distractions. To achieve a fully bespoke minimalist kitchen style everything must have its place and be hidden away, yet easily accessible. This means that every inch of the bespoke cabinetry should be utilised and customised for perfect storage. Luxury finishes are also particularly effective in a minimalist kitchen design to give the cabinetry a high-end couture look.

The made to measure kitchen style to suit you and your home

Whether you are upgrading your existing kitchen or undertaking a complete renovation, how you choose the overall kitchen design theme will depend partly on your personal taste, your lifestyle, and the architecture of your home.

Your home’s architectural style

When choosing your style of kitchen, consider the architectural qualities, character and period of your home and the types of materials used in your house.  If you live in a Victorian property, a sleek, high gloss kitchen could look out of place. If you are extending a Georgian or Victorian property you might want to choose a shaker style kitchen that links to the age of the property.

The available kitchen space

Kitchen size can dictate its style to some extent. If you have a small room and storage is important, a frameless bespoke cabinet style will enable you to utilise more space.

Your lifestyle

It’s also important to make sure your kitchen suits you and your lifestyle. For instance, if you’re someone who doesn’t want to spend a lot of time cleaning, it will be best to avoid high maintenance materials, if you don’t like clutter, it will be a good idea to have made to measure cabinets with doors and drawers and other closed storage to keep all your kitchen paraphernalia neatly stored away.

Your kitchen. Your budget

You might have found a kitchen style offered by a big brand company you like, but realised the cost was prohibitive.

If this is the case, do get in touch with us. It might surprise you to know that a small firm of bespoke cabinetmakers like Claude Clémaron can offer you extraordinary value – and exceptional quality.

We aim to create just the kitchen you want and for a more reasonable price. Simply shows us pictures of the design and features you like, and we’ll handcraft the kitchen to match and fit perfectly. We don’t just build and install the kitchen cabinets either, we can complete the whole kitchen from quartz or granite worktops to integrated lighting.

Hiring a local furnituremaker and designer like Claude Clémaron gives you a more personal service too. You’ll even be able to visit our workshops in Horsham, West Sussex to chat to your cabinetmaker and see your kitchen being lovingly handcrafted.

Wherever you are in Surrey, Sussex, Hampshire, or London, we would be delighted to create a beautiful, bespoke fitted kitchen for you. Please call us on 01483 201080 or email to arrange a free, no obligation, design consultation to discuss your ideas.