Bespoke designer kitchen



With luxury materials, premium finishes and bespoke design, this is a minimalist kitchen has maximum appeal. We created this stunning bespoke designer kitchen in association with Hania Farrell design studio of Belgravia, London. It combines traditional craftsmanship with a modern aesthetic to create a striking, yet harmonious space. A wide variety of storage has been customised throughout the kitchen.

The central kitchen island is unique in that it has been constructed across the split-level floor, creating a distinctive boundary between the kitchen and dining areas. The kitchen side of the island is designed for cooking and preparation and the dining room side for storage of tableware and cutlery.

Bespoke luxury kitchen cabinets

The made to measure kitchen cabinets have been spray painted in a mid-green metallic finish. While adding a subtle shimmer, this lacquer is also extremely hardwearing. Internal drawers have a silver black metal finish. Sleek, contrasting concrete wall cabinets and have electric push to slide up doors. A high-level integrated oven is set into a custom-made metalwork frame with a black powder-coated paint finish. This frame extends into shelving for cookbooks. The canopy hood was tailormade in stainless steel with bespoke power levels.

Kitchen island room divider

The island adds extra functionality with a sink and tailored storage. The handcrafted solid oak drawers and doors add warmth and character with a natural wood oil finish. Note how the island doors have been cut around the central drawers creating a fabulous design feature. The quartz granite wraparound countertop is luxuriously seamless and perfect for a modern look. The pendant lights are the perfect finishing touch illuminating the countertop and adding atmosphere and elegance.