Shaker bedrooms are a key style trend

Shaker bedroom suiteShaker bedrooms, with bespoke fitted wardrobes, are very much in vogue, even though the style is over three centuries old. Popular for kitchen cabinetry, the distinctive shaker design is now becoming increasingly favoured for bedroom wardrobes and furniture, in both period properties and modern homes.

What is the appeal of shaker-style furniture?

First of all, shaker is a timeless, simple style, with crisp, straightforward lines that will never go out of fashion. Secondly, there is a growing demand among homeowners for sustainable, handcrafted furniture. People are turning away from poorly made, mass-produced furniture and want to invest in outstanding craftsmanship that will stand the test of time. Thirdly, shaker furniture fits the current nostalgia for a simpler, yet better quality of life.

What is shaker furniture?

Bespoke shaker style bedroomThe furniture design was developed by the Shakers, a religious community who migrated to the United States from Manchester in 1774. The Shakers believed in honesty and simplicity which is reflected in the minimalist design of their furniture and focus natural wood and durability. Today, it is greatly admired for its innovative joinery, extraordinary attention to detail and unpretentious charm. Shaker cabinets are characterised primarily by their doors, which consist of two flat-side rails, two flat-top rails, and a flat-inset panel.

Understated elegance for a bedroom

Shaker furniture has a gentle, traditional look and visual calm which is ideal for a bedroom.

Here we have taken the classic shaker design and translated it into a beautiful suite of handcrafted fitted bedroom furniture that is perfect for a modern lifestyle.

Bespoke shaker style bedroomAccessorise with bespoke handles

With minimalist furniture, the quality, shape, and finish of the handles is important and can instantly transform a wardrobe. You could choose a simple wooden knob, a rustic twisted metal, a contemporary chrome bar handle or something more original. With bespoke shaker-style furniture you can add your own personal touch.

The same applies to the finish you choose for your shaker furniture. Shaker cabinets can be left natural or stained, and also adapt to a variety of colour palettes. A painted white finish always looks fresh and classic. Or you might want to go for a darker traditional heritage finish, such as deep blue or charcoal grey and make a designer statement.

Plan a bespoke shaker-style bedroom for your home

Bespoke shaker style bedroomIf you are considering bespoke shaker-style fitted bedroom furniture for your home in Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire or London, do get in touch with us to arrange a free, no obligation design consultation.