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Shaker bedrooms are a key style trend

Shaker bedrooms, with bespoke fitted wardrobes, are very much in vogue, even though the style is over three centuries old. Popular for kitchen cabinetry, the distinctive shaker design is now becoming increasingly favoured for bedroom wardrobes and furniture, in both period properties and modern homes. What is the appeal of shaker-style furniture? First of all, […]

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Dressed to impress: a bespoke luxury dressing room in Sussex

A dressing room is a special place for you to plan and style your outfits and get ready in comfort. It’s even more luxurious when you commission a bespoke dressing room design that is tailor made exclusively for you. As a private sanctuary, a made to measure dressing room is the perfect place to indulge […]

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How To Achieve Bespoke Fitted Bedroom Furniture In Surrey

A bespoke fitted bedroom should complement your personality. It is a purchase that will transform the look and feel of your whole bedroom space and evoke an abundance of class and quality. Clemaron has a wealth of experience in the manufacture and design of bespoke fitted bedroom furniture in Surrey that is attractive and cost-effective. […]

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