Creating a bespoke study bedroom for a young adult

Bespoke study bedroomThe ideal study bedroom for a young adult or older teenage is multifunctional with made to measure storage and designated areas for work and relaxation. It should be a place where they feel comfortable and also somewhere they’ll be happy to show off to friends and that will look good in video calls and on Instagram. Any young adult’s bedroom will get a lot of use too, so the bedroom furniture needs to be solid, hardwearing and easy to clean.

A desk is essential, with as much storage as possible

Studying will be a big part of a newly turned young adult’s life. So, a desk is essential, with as much storage as possible to keep all those files and folders in order. Tidy room, tidy mind! A bespoke desk can easily double up as a dressing table too, with that all-important mirror for hair-styling and making up.

Dressing-tableInvest in good storage to minimise messiness

Installing built-in furniture for a teenager’s bedroom is the best way to maximise storage, practicality and space.

Bespoke, fitted storage will make it easier to stay for a teenager to stay organised and keep their bedroom free of clutter. When storage is made to measure, every inch can be put to good use and every item that needs to be stored can have its own designated space. This is particularly important in a young adult’s study bedroom, when there will be stationery and files to organise, as well as hobby equipment, sports gear, jewellery, grooming tools, clothing, footwear… the list goes on. We recommend keeping open storage to a minimum. Closed storage will keep items out of sight for a calm, stress-free environment.

Student-bedroomIn addition to wardrobes and drawers, consider under bed pull-out drawers and a window seat, storage bench or blanket box that could also serve as a table, foot rests or extra seating. A headboard could even be designed with built-in storage too.

Are you planning to upgrade or update a bedroom for your teenage son or daughter? If you want to maximise the space and storage and create a versatile study bedroom, bespoke fitted furniture can customised to suit your needs exactly. Our bespoke personal service means we can advise on every aspect of the fitted furniture from storage features to finish. If you live in Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire or London, why not get in touch with us to arrange a free, no obligation design consultation?