A custom made bedroom interior for your teenage son or daughter

Made-to-measure-fitted-furnitureThe main difference between a teenager’s bedroom and other age groups is they essentially live in them. This means there needs to be plenty of storage and an adaptable layout with a table or desk for homework and gaming and a chillout zone for lounging. Their bedroom furniture also needs to be sturdily built and hardwearing. At Claude Clémaron, we can advise on custom made fitted furniture that will create a stylish, multi-functional young adults bedroom.

Maximise fitted storage for tidiness

The right storage is vital for keeping clutter at bay, especially as teenagers tend to collect lots of knick-knacks, gadgets and other belongings over the years. Thankfully fitted furniture can maximise every inch of available space with customised storage.

shaker-style-wardrobeThe perfect wardrobe interior has a designated home for everything! From made to measure hanging rails for jackets; shelves for jeans and joggers, and pull-out soft close trays for shoes and trainers will help to encourage tidiness and achieve a calm, well-organised bedroom.

Mirrors on fitted wardrobe doors make the room look and feel larger, and add sparkle too. They’re also vital for trying on outfits and practising dance moves, of course. So we ensure any mirrors in the room are made from safety glass.

Handcrafted fitted furniture that won’t date

Like any room, the key to longevity is to go for timeless style with investment pieces like handcrafted fitted furniture. Then use accessories and accents to inject the latest trends. Having a neutral design and finish for built-in bedroom furniture for a teenager will still allow them to express their personality and have fun by adding pops of colour with bedding and cushions, or personal touches such as photos and posters.

Handcrafted-bedroom-furnitureMultipurpose station for studying, hairstyling and more

A teenage bedroom needs a station for different activities, whether that’s gaming, studying, crafting or mirror time. With bespoke carpentry, the perfect multipurpose solution can be achieved, with all the clever storage features they need. Remember to get plenty of power sockets, with USB ports, installed near the desk too.

If you are considering made to measure fitted furniture for a teenage bedroom in Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire or London, do get in touch with us to arrange a free, no obligation design consultation.