Why invest in a bespoke kitchen for your Surrey or Sussex home?

bespoke kitchenA beautifully made bespoke kitchen will bring real quality, style and status to a home. It will be a serious investment, but the advantages of a genuinely bespoke kitchen are considerable. So, let’s look at why you should consider investing in a Claude Clémaron bespoke kitchen for your home in Surrey or Sussex.

A kitchen designed by you for you

Commissioning a bespoke kitchen allows you to be part of the design process, rather than having to select from pre-determined kitchen options. You’re not limited to current off-the-shelf styles and solutions. Georgian, country cottage, art deco, rustic, contemporary chic …Claude Clémaron Bespoke Interiors can craft your kitchen in any period or design style you choose. We don’t follow set trends or use stock templates. With a bespoke kitchen, you can specify every aspect, whether that’s curved cupboards, hand carved pilasters or a built-in coffee machine. Every Claude Clémaron kitchen, from the doors to the decorative detailing, is original and custom built to be exactly as you want.

Personal service at every stage

As a bespoke kitchen furnituremaker we provide a personal service that high street retailers or off-the-shelf manufacturers simply cannot offer. From design concepts to the full installation, our experienced furniture makers will be on hand to inspire, guide and advise you, collaborating and consulting with you at every stage.

handcrafted classic country kitchenTailormade to optimise the space

Your bespoke kitchen will be designed and constructed to perfectly fit and enhance the space in your home. This is especially advantageous if you have an older property with ceiling beams, uneven walls or unusual nooks and crannies. Bespoke kitchen furniture can be any size or shape: extra tall, extra wide, curved, angled – anything is possible. You won’t be limited to standardised cabinets that leave you with gaps and wasted areas. Our bespoke service also includes customising interiors of your cabinets and drawers to provide you with tailored storage for all your kitchenware.

Quality you can see and feel

A high-end Claude Clémaron bespoke kitchen is handcrafted from real wood using time-honoured traditional techniques. Sturdy kitchen furniture of exceptional, timeless quality like this will be a pleasure to look at and use; will hold its value and last much longer than lower quality, mass-produced units. A Claude Clémaron kitchen is designed to last a lifetime.

A sustainable choice

Bespoke kitchensA locally handcrafted kitchen is a sustainable choice to make. Built in our Horsham workshops, your kitchen won’t have to travel far to your home in Surrey or Sussex. You will also be able to visit us to see your cabinets being made and meet the people making them. We only use ethically sourced wood; and because your furniture handcrafted to order, we only purchase the materials required, which results in less wastage.

Let us create a bespoke kitchen for you

A bespoke Claude Clemaron kitchen will be uniquely designed and custom-built to your exact instructions. If you would value an original, locally-made, high quality kitchen for your home in Surrey or Sussex, please get in touch. We would be delighted to hear from you. Why not give us a call on 01483 201080 today to discuss your ideas?