Bespoke luxury kitchens: choosing the best cabinet finish

At Claude Clémaron we are passionate about handcrafting bespoke luxury kitchens, made from the finest materials. When choosing the design of your kitchen cabinets, one important decision you’ll need to make is the cabinet finish. The cabinet finish can create a very different look to a kitchen design, so it’s worth considering the advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Bespoke luxury kitchensNatural wood kitchen cabinets

Natural wood kitchen cabinets are beautiful and bring character and warmth to the space. Every grain pattern is unique, so no solid wood kitchen will look the same.

If a classic, timeless appearance for your doors is what you have in mind for your new bespoke luxury kitchen, why not choose solid oak. The oak wood can simply be protected with a coat of clear, satin mat lacquer to reveal the beautiful grain of the timber. If you like natural wood, but would like a lighter, more streamlined look in your kitchen, consider ash which brings a sense of space and brightness to a room.

Finishes for solid wood

Natural wood is becoming highly desirable for many bespoke luxury kitchen interiors. The timber can be preserved and sealed without the need for dye to enhance the natural colour variations within the timber. Our wood finishes, using natural oils, waxes, and water-based seals, from sustainable and renewable sources, can be customised to meet your needs. Treating the timber with natural oil seals and protects the wood for a durable finish and can be applied in many different tones. Waxes and stains are ideal for achieving a rustic distressed appearance with a semi-sheen finish.

Bespoke kitchen cabinetryA painted finish in any colour

Custom kitchen cabinetry handcrafted by Claude Clémaron for our bespoke luxury kitchens can be painted in any colour, whether traditionally hand painted for an authentic look or spraypainted for a flawless effect with no brush marks. Choosing the perfect shade for your cabinets is an exciting part of designing your kitchen. You could choose a predominantly white kitchen, for example, if you want to make the space look larger and brighter. Darker shades can feel more traditional or sophisticated, while brighter colours can have a vibrant, retro, or contemporary vibe.

Do also consider having more than one colour. You could pair similar tones in a neutral palette or mix bolder pops of colour for a vibrant, unique look. If you are opting for painted cabinet doors, you also need to select the finish: high gloss, satin, or matt.

High gloss finish

High gloss is most suited to a contemporary kitchen with flat cabinet fronts. High-gloss cabinet doors have a shiny finish that reflects light. This helps to make the space seem bigger, making gloss-finish cabinets an excellent choice for smaller kitchens. The paler the colour, the higher the reflection of light, which is why white is a popular colour for gloss kitchens. High-gloss doors and drawer fronts are also easy to wipe clean. So, what are the disadvantages of a high gloss finish? Well, fingerprints and other marks will be more noticeable on the cabinets than they are on matt or semi-gloss cabinets, and a dark colour gloss will show up imperfections on the surface more readily than on a light colour, and might require more frequent cleaning.

Made to measure kitchensMatt finish

Matt-finish cabinets don’t reflect any light at all and look flatter than a gloss finish. Matt is a preferred choice for traditional or country-style kitchen cabinets as gloss can look too shiny and modern. A matt surface is also becoming favoured contemporary-style cabinet fronts. Fingerprints and marks are less noticeable on a matt finish than a gloss one, and the matt finish absorbs light which gives it a more muted look. This type of finish isn’t quite as easy to clean as gloss cabinets though as the surface isn’t as sleek and smooth.

Satin finish

Satin is a semi-gloss finish which combines some of the advantages of gloss and matt. A degree of light-reflective qualities means you won’t see as many reflections in the cabinet fronts and the colour will appear more consistent. A satin finish is easy to wipe clean too.

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