Bespoke handless wardrobe doors and drawers

Do you dream of minimalist wardrobes for your home in London, Surrey, or Sussex? An increasing number of interior design savvy homeowners are opting for doors and drawer fronts without handles, for a sleek appearance free from fussy details.

Handle-free door and drawer frontsBespoke handless wardrobe doors and drawers fit in well with both modern and classic interior décor styles and are chosen for their clean lines and effortlessly smooth aesthetic.

This can be especially effective in bedroom furniture where the elegant simplicity of handless designs can bring a soothing calm into spaces for rest and relaxation.

Handle-less cupboards and cabinets

The clean lines of handle-less cabinet doors are ideal for those who prefer an uncluttered look with a streamlined finish. Beautifully handcrafted doors and drawers with no handles can have a timeless look that will suit a traditional or contemporary setting. Good design and beautifully handcrafted furniture never go out of fashion.

What are the other benefits of handle-free doors?

Handle-free doors are ideal of you want a room to look and feel more spacious. Even a few centimetres can make a surprising difference. With no handles to disrupt the fluidity of the design, the overall effect is one of spaciousness and the impression of a bigger room.

Cabinet doors with no obtrusive handles or knobs can also make a room safer, especially for small children. You can also navigate a small room more easily as some handle designs can catch on loose clothing when you walk past.

You also won’t need to be concerned about handles going out of fashion and dating your room or showing signs of wear and tear. And, of course, no handles means no additional features to clean either.

The best handle-less doors require a higher level of design and craftsmanship to function perfectly. For your handle-less door design, you could choose discreetly integrated easy to open inset finger pulls, created as a recess in the door.

Push-to-open slab doors

Or, for the ultimate in minimalist aesthetics, push-to-open slab doors present the sleekest option. Simply apply a light touch to the door and the push-to-open mechanism will give you instant access to your storage. When you’re finished, just press the door to softly close and it will click perfectly into place.

The elegant exterior of slab front handle-free doors can have interesting visual advantages too. Because they blend seamlessly into the background, it can be difficult to tell whether they are fitted wardrobes or wall panelling.

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