Why choose bespoke bathroom furniture by Claude Clémaron?

Bespoke bathroom vanity unitBespoke bathroom furniture by Claude Clémaron is for homeowners in Sussex, Surrey and London who seek real quality. Handcrafted with skill and immense care, bespoke sustainable bathroom cabinets from Claude Clémaron look beautiful and are built to last.

When you commission fitted bathroom furniture from Claude Clémaron it will be handcrafted from scratch by our skilled cabinetmakers in our Sussex workshops. You won’t be restrained by the limits of mass production and your cabinets will be tailormade for the space. You have complete freedom of choice in the design, and this ability to specify anything you want is what makes bespoke furniture so special.

Sturdy fitted bathroom cabinets whether floor standing or wall mounted, and expertly handmade from real wood will hold their value and last considerably longer than lower quality, mass-produced units.

Built to fit in any style

Our bespoke made to measure bathroom cabinets are uniquely designed and crafted to meet the taste and lifestyle needs of each individual client. When it’s bespoke you can have any vintage, classic or contemporary style; with every aspect of the cabinetry, from doors to decorative detailing, exactly as you wish.

Bespoke-Fitted-Double-Bathroom-Vanity-UnitClaude Clémaron’s exquisite bathroom furniture is custom-made to combine practicality with pleasure. The furniture can include built-in vanity units, wall cabinets, bath panelling, splashbacks, countertops and all kinds of clever customised storage which can also neatly conceal plumbing and pipework. Whether you are dreaming of a chic spa-like hotel vibe or a romantically charming country house family bathroom, we can design and build finest fitted bathroom furniture for you.

Perfect fit and flawless finish

Your bespoke bathroom furniture will be constructed to maximise every inch of space. This is especially advantageous if your bathroom is in a period property with an uneven wall or an awkward corner. Or, if you own a modern house without any interesting features, then bespoke fitted bathroom furniture can create the character and stunning appeal the room lacks.

Invest in the best bathroom furniture from Claude Clémaron

Exceptional durability, handcrafted luxury, tailored practicality, and sustainability, are all qualities that makes our bespoke fitted bathroom furniture so appealing.

If you value traditionally crafted, locally made, high quality furniture talk to Claude Clémaron Bespoke Wood Interiors. Please call us on 01483 201080 to discuss your project and arrange a free, no obligation, design consultation.