Dining rooms are back in style with bespoke fitted furniture

Bespoke-fitted-furnitureThe formal dining room is back in vogue as both the pandemic and the energy crisis have reduced the appeal of open plan living. In fact, a growing number of homeowners in Surrey, Sussex and London are retrofitting their properties to create separate spaces with doors, such as dining rooms and home offices. Privacy, cosiness, practicality and being able to create a different mood with furnishing and décor are some of the reasons given for doing this.

The formal dinner party is also seeing a resurgence and people want to make it a memorable experience in a beautiful, designated dining space.

Bespoke dining room furniture

Bespoke art deco dining room furnitureBespoke fitted dining room furniture will optimise the storage space and take up a minimal footprint in the room. This is particularly important in a dining area with a large dining table as good circulation is needed for serving guests comfortably. You could commission a stunning one-of-a-kind dining table to fit your room and your entertaining style and have matching space-saving storage and display furniture, such as built-in cabinets, sideboard and more.

Bespoke dining room cabinets

From displaying your beautiful crockery and glassware to storing table linen and bespoke cabinets can be a wonderful focal point in a dining room. Well-designed, tailored storage is an essential part of a dining room. It can help to make your space feel relaxed and you’ll have all your essentials such as cutlery and candles elegantly stored, yet close at hand. Add in a drinks cabinet, integrated wine rack or cocktail bar and you have the perfect setting to gather with friends and family.

bespoke-wall-panelling-room-dividersBespoke dining room furniture in Surrey, Sussex, London, and Hampshire

Do you have a dining room that needs to be brought to life with new functionality and style? We can design and create the perfect dining space for you with customised, made to measure dining room furniture. All our furniture is handcrafted in Horsham, Sussex where we employ some of the country’s finest cabinetmakers. Please call us on 01483 201080 or email us today so we can discuss your ideas.