Transform your understairs with bespoke cabinetry

The space underneath a staircase is often underused in a home. While it might currently house a jumble of old shoes, tennis rackets and tools, this precious space has a lot of potential. With clever joinery and bespoke cabinetry your understairs can be transformed into a useful and sophisticated feature with made-to-measure drawers, customised shelving, lighting and more. Here are just a few ideas of how you could transform your understairs with bespoke cabinetry.

Bespoke-cabinetry-SurreyBuilt-in cupboards

Built-in cupboards are a great way to achieve a clutter-free hallway and keep your entrance clear and tidy. With handless doors or panelling, you can disguise your storage too, with everything neatly concealed and organised in customised storage.

Mini boot room

Enhance your hallway with a built-in bench seat where you can sit down to tie your laces with valuable extra storage space under a lift-up-lid seat. Include plenty of coat pegs and cubby holes too. The beauty of bespoke joinery is that it allows you to have a mini boot room tailored to the space available.

Create extra kitchen cupboard space

With bespoke cabinetry, the space under your stairs could house additional kitchen cabinets to house table linen and kitchenware that aren’t used very often.

Hideaway home office

If a dedicated workspace would be beneficial consider having an office tucked under the stairs with a desk and storage all tailored to fit. It could also be a built-in study area where you can more easily keep an on your children’s homework sessions.

Wine cellar

How about creating an understairs climate-controlled wine storage unit with racks to display wine bottles. Custom-crafted glass doors would create a beautiful visual effect and having the area closed off with double-glazing would help to maintain a constant temperature.

Breakfast bar

Bring a modern approach to your under stairs space with a breakfast bar. This could be the ideal spot for a coffee machine and place to store bread and pastries.

Bespoke-bike-cabinetUtility or laundry room

Free up space in your kitchen and move your washing machine and tumble dryer to a sound-proofed spot under the stairs – with customised shelving and hooks it will be like a micro utility or laundry room.

Bicycle storage

Need somewhere inside to store your bike? A tailored bike storage cabinet under the stairs could be the perfect answer.

bespoke-drinks-cabinetHome bar

Below the stairs could be an ideal spot for a bespoke fitted home bar or large drinks cabinet. With shelves for glassware, bottle racks and a pull out counter for mixing and serving cocktails.

Let us create the perfect understairs solution for you

When every inch of space is paramount in a busy household, the area under the stairs presents a fantastic opportunity for tailored storage. Why not let Claude Clémaron design and build a practical and tailored understairs storage solution or other feature to enhance your hallway and lifestyle? Please call us on 01483 201080 to discuss your ideas with a free, no obligation, design consultation.