Why you should invest in a bespoke sit-stand desk

Custom-made-home-officeBespoke sit-stand desks can boost health and happiness, researchers revealed this week.

A new study has found that using height adjustable desks to increase standing time, improved wellbeing, and energy levels among the trial of 756 UK office workers. The media release, published on 17th August 2022, also pointed out the danger that more home-based working could increase workforce sedentariness. Many studies show that sitting down for extended periods of time isn’t good for your health

So, could this be the time you invest in a bespoke sit-stand desk that looks great in your home and makes you feel great too?

What is a sit-stand desk?

Handcrafted-home-officeA sit stand or standing desk is an adjustable height desk that allows you to alternate between sitting and standing during the working day. A Claude Clémaron motorised sit stand desk is engineered using the latest lifting technology, so you can simply raise and lower your desktop with the touch of a button.

A bespoke sit-stand desk designed just for you

Having a bespoke sit-stand table or desk means it can be tailored to help you work more effectively and comfortably and fit perfectly with the interior of your home.

Whether you would like a solid walnut statement desk, a traditional desk to suit a period property or a streamlined style for a modern fitted study, Claude Clémaron can create a made to measure, height adjustable desk in any shape, material, or style so it’s beautiful to look at and a pleasure to use.

We would be delighted to design and build your ideal sit-stand desk

Be inspired by the bespoke fitted furniture and desks Claude Clémaron has created for home offices and studies in Sussex, Surrey, and London. Then, if you would like to discuss your ideal sit-stand desk with us, please call 01483 201080 for a free, no obligation, design consultation.