Bespoke Alcove Transformations

Bespoke alcove transformationsDue to the fact that chimney systems have been shunned in favour of cleaner, more accessible means of heating the home, chimney breasts are now usually a statement area of your home that has free space on either side and potential you may not realise. Our team at Clémaron is able to transform these empty spaces to create unique bespoke storage areas in any room you choose.

What is involved in transforming your empty alcoves?

The first step of turning those unused alcove spaces into something which will transform your living, dining or bedroom is to fit the design around your requirements. The use of empty alcoves does not merely have to be for just a wardrobe or bookshelf as our bespoke cabinetry can combine these elements to suit your needs. Our team will work closely with you to ensure you have a design which is set to transform your home’s space.

Bespoke alcove unitsWhat Clémaron bespoke alcove transformations can do

We want to create something in your home that is both interesting, space saving and beautiful to look at. Our ability to craft a hand-made design in contemporary, classic, traditional or any other style of your choosing, is one of the main reasons our professionals are trusted across Surrey, Sussex, London and Hampshire.

If you would like to transform your empty alcoves then contact one of our team at Clémaron.