Bespoke oak boot room Albury, Surrey



We created this bespoke oak boot room for a client in Albury, near Guildford, who was looking for a traditional cabinetmaker who offered excellent value and quality.

The brief was to make the boot room highly practical with plenty of hardwearing storage that would be easy to maintain and dog friendly. The result is a streamlined, well-organised space that fits all the household’s needs perfectly.

Bespoke storage maximises the space

The solid cherry wood drawers have been finger jointed to create a feature to this bespoke piece of cabinetry. The finger joint name comes from the interlocking of your fingers together. They are also known as box joints. The flat, box drawer fronts are made in cherry and are finished with shiny metal handles which is a great look and very practical.

Solid oak oiled cabinetry

The solid oak cabinetry has been hand finished in a clear natural oil that is environmentally friendly and brings out the grain of the wood beautifully. An oil finish is perfect for a bespoke boot room like this, as it’s easy to look after and can be quickly refreshed when required. This will be every three years or so, depending on how much usage and sunlight the boot room gets.