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Claude Clémaron Bespoke Wood Interiors is a leading manufacturer and supplier of bespoke furniture. Since 1982 our skilled team of craftsmen has been providing custom-made, fitted furniture of the highest quality to customers in London and further south across Surrey and Sussex. We can produce almost any piece of bespoke furniture from our Guildford workshop. We have the skill and equipment to produce made-to- measure furniture fit for any room of your home or commercial property, from fitted wardrobes to bespoke kitchens.

Simply get in touch today and let us know your bespoke furniture needs. We can also produce wooden furniture to any standard or existing design. You needn’t worry about all the details and specifications, as we can draw on our vast carpentry and furniture making experience to advise you on the finer points. Whether you need shelving, cabinets or custom pieces, we are regularly recommended by our customers across London, Surrey and Sussex because our bespoke furniture is made to the highest standard of quality. On our website you will find plenty of pictures of our craftsmanship which should help you realise your idea. Whether you want practical storage space in your entertainment room or sublime fitted wardrobes for your bedroom; our bespoke, fitted furniture will add a touch of class to your room. Call us on 01483 201080 or 07970 962151 and we will come out to you in London, Guildford, Surrey, Sussex or Hampshire and give you a free, no obligation, quote. bespoke wood interiors surrey

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