Invest In A Bespoke TV Wall Unit In London

It is now easier than ever to turn your living room, games room or multimedia area into a cinema-like space which is the perfect film or TV show experience. It starts by choosing our team at Clemaron and then it develops as we install a bespoke TV wall unit for your London home that will offer you everything for your…

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Home office fitted furniture

Why Choose Our Fitted Furniture In London For Your Study Area

The study room or home office has become a vital element in the modern home. Projects that extend into the night, those who work from home in employment and freelance workers that need a quiet and productive space, the right study space can completely transform the way an area looks and feels. Our custom-made fitted furniture in London is chosen…

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Bespoke and tailor-made dressing room

Bespoke And Tailor-Made Dressing Rooms

The clothes that you have collected over the year, the selection of shoes you have accumulated and the beautiful jewellery you keep tucked away shouldn’t be hidden. All of these elements can find a home that provides you with pride in your most precious clothing items, helping you to enjoy choosing an outfit each day while improving your organisation. This…

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Bespoke fitted bedroom furniture in Surrey

How To Achieve Bespoke Fitted Bedroom Furniture In Surrey

A bespoke fitted bedroom should complement your personality. It is a purchase that will transform the look and feel of your whole bedroom space and evoke an abundance of class and quality. Clemaron has a wealth of experience in the manufacture and design of bespoke fitted bedroom furniture in Surrey that is attractive and cost-effective. How does Clemaron create bespoke…

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Bespoke kitchens

Discover Our Bespoke Kitchens In Surrey

A new bespoke kitchen is something a homeowner may only dream of. Whether you are tired of staring at disheveled kitchen drawers and cabinets or you feel you aren’t maximising the potential of your kitchen space, our team at Clemaron can provide you with a bespoke kitchen that will provide you with a beautiful space and add true value to…

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Bespoke alcove transformations

Bespoke Alcove Transformations

Due to the fact that chimney systems have been shunned in favour of cleaner, more accessible means of heating the home, chimney breasts are now usually a statement area of your home that has free space on either side and potential you may not realise. Our team at Clémaron is able to transform these empty spaces to create unique bespoke…

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Handmade alcove cabinets

Handmade Alcove Cabinets

Utilising every alcove space in your property may seem daunting, from the way you want the alcove to look and how it will fit seamlessly into the surrounding room. Our team at Clémaron is experienced in designing and building handmade alcove cabinets for your home. We have been passionate about designing, making and fitting alcove cabinets to a wide range…

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Handmade Kitchens For Your Home In London

What do you do most in your kitchen? Do you read a book while you wait for your dinner to cook? Are you fretting over every last pinch of salt and every sprinkle of rosemary? Everyone uses the kitchen in different ways, but we all use it to relax, unwind and take our mind away from all the stress of…

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Where To Find Bespoke Fitted Furniture In Surrey

The smooth finish and the even contours of perfectly fitted and shaped furniture is not something that you can put a price on. It can instantly transform your living areas and bring a new feel to every angle of your home. To understand and to gauge how to do this in your home, it is important that you find a…

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Where To Find Custom Fitted Kitchens In London

The finishing touches of a kitchen will come down to your imagination. The final product should be one that combines your home’s interiors with your budget and your ideas. At Clemaron we have been creating custom fitted kitchens for homes in London for many years with our reputation for handcrafted and finished cupboards, sideboards and much more. At Clemaron our…

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