How We Work

When you begin to work with Clemaron Wood Interiors, the work procedure is very straightforward

  • Step 1 : Project Requirements
  • Step 2 : Design
  • Step 3 : Workshop Build
  • Step 4 : View Build
  • Step 5 : Delivery and Intallation
bespoke wood kitchen

Claude Clemaron will visit your home, or the project site, to discuss your requirements. Claude is happy to work closely with you, your interior designer or your architect.

Claude will establish exactly what your requirements are and allow plenty of time for the initial design and planning stage

bespoke wood kitchen

Following this initial consultation, you will then be presented with proposed designs, drawings and samples of the wood, generally within two weeks. The designs will then be amended if required and wood samples approved.

bespoke wood kitchen

Once the designs and wood samples have been agreed, the work will commence in our workshops.

Our dedicated team of experienced professionals build your design to your specifications.

bespoke wood kitchen

During the manufacturing stage, you will be able to view your project in our workshops; at this stage, minor changes can still be made. There is no obligation to visit our workshops if this is not convenient.

Once the piece has been completed, the project is taken apart and the finish is applied, i.e., stained, polished, painted etc

bespoke wood kitchen

Then final stage is the delivery and installation of your wood furniture or interior and your approval of the work.


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